About Us

History of Team Roulette Elite.

After several years of observations and research for “the Holy Grail” we had to face the facts. A mathematical roulette method alone will never generate a profit in the long term. So we joined forces to develop software that shows us the trend of methods.

Since 2018, we have offered our members Elite Roulette which has revolutionized the way of playing roulette online. Thanks to its advanced statistics as well as its automatic setting, players can now compete with the many roulettes offered on the internet.


After being scammed many times while purchasing miracle methods and software; We decided to launch our own project to educate players about the different scams present online.

Proud of our 20 years of experience in the game of roulette, our priority is to teach players our good capitalization practices. Thanks to our decision support software, we train our players to play strategically by relying on reliable real-time statistics.


Marc Godbille

Dany Charland