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How to win at roulette?

Do you want to finally win at roulette? Do not search anymore ! Roulette Elite is the most comprehensive software on the market, designed to help you intelligently analyze the game. Discover roulette table trends, get real-time statistics and play with confidence, making regular gains. Don’t let chance dictate your destiny, take control with Roulette Elite!

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Join a community of passionate players who share the same vision of the casino: to maximize their chances of winning. At Roulette Élite, we don’t just offer decision support software, we create a real community where mutual aid, advice and success come together. Swap strategies, learn new tricks, and celebrate your victories together. Together we are stronger !

Evaluate the trend

Discover in a few clicks the current trend of roulette game.

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Real-time table analysis for more consistent winnings.

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Have a constant and measured overview of your in-game bankroll.

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Join 200+ players on our Discord & Facebook!

Roulette Elite V5

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All your questions about Roulette Elite

Roulette elite is equipped with advanced security that interferes with the work of antiviruses. The software is safe and poses no danger to your machine. To download it, add the file as an exception or disable your antivirus.

Once your rental has been completed, your identifiers will be sent to you by email automatically. It takes an average of 5 minutes.

Roulette Elite is equipped with protection so that no member can share their credentials with another person. Therefore, once installed on one machine, it will not be usable on any other.

You can request a reset of your MAC address by clicking on an icon dedicated to this purpose in the software:

You will then receive an email as soon as possible.

Apart from the mobile version, our software is designed for PCs running Windows 10 64 bits minimum and is natively incompatible with Mac.
Using the software on a virtual machine is not functional.